"I was told I would die soon because there was no treatment left for me anywhere in the entire country. I told my parents, 'I know I can be healed.'"


Sameer, cancer patient

"Every possible chemo was already tried on me. I was told that my cancer was too aggressive. But I knew that I am stronger than the cancer. When I heard that my treatment would be stopped and I would be sent home to die, I told my parents, my nurses, and my doctors that I could be healed. I wasn’t ready to stop my treatment and go home to die. My doctors, social worker Kate, and my nurses helped me  get another chance to get better by getting FDA approval to try something new, using my dad's cells."

"After years of fighting cancer three times, I finally won and the cancer went away. My last transplant was in 2014. Today I’m cancer-free, and focusing on staying healthy, run one day, and do well at school."

"I didn’t have a normal childhood like many kids do. I couldn’t play when I wanted to, as I wanted to, or go to school. Instead I spent my days and nights at the hospital, too sick to do anything other than lie down and imagine all the things I wanted to do. Life as a cancer patient was really hard. Child Life was really important to me when I was going through treatment."

"As I was going through treatment, Jake from Child Life would come by and spend time with me. He would play with me sometimes, and sometimes we would just talk. He helped calm me down when I was going to get more shots or when I was about to go into one of the surgeries."

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