“We’re a two-physician family. We’re in survival mode at all times right now with the new baby.”

Fatima Rodriguez, MD (cardiology) and Sam Rodriguez, MD (anesthesia), parents of Sam Jr.


Fatima: "He had surgery at 3 months old. Sam knows that sometimes the scariest part of an infant having surgery is the anesthesia."

Sam: "It's a special thingyour coworkers are now taking care of your family. As a physician, we know that we work with the best, we trust the people that we work with, and it made it easier for me to step out of my role." 

Fatima: "There's nothing we wouldn't do for this little man. When he smiled at me the first timethat was everything."

Sam: "Sometimes I do share our story with families in similar situations who are having a particularly difficult time. It does allow me to connect with patients and families. I can tell them that when it was my kid, this is where we came and these were the people we trusted."

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