“I love to leave a lasting impression. As soon as I open that front desk, I’m there for people. Their journey starts with me.”

Roger Cordoba, Manager of Lobby Operations

"In order to serve our families, we need to be open and ready to receive them. When I first started, I would say 'good morning' to every person who walked by. They wouldn't answer. Our front desk used to be by Lucile Packard's portrait and people would actually stare at her portrait as they walked by to avoid me. They were probably thinking, 'Who is this annoying guy?!' Twelve years later, it doesn't matter what I'm doing, people are saying 'good morning' to me!"

"I’m a bilingual teacher by trade, and I never thought the hospital would be an option. Well, I wanted to give back some way, and started volunteering on the hospital’s Operation Rainbow trips as an interpreter. We went to Nicaragua (where I’m from) to do orthopedic surgeries. I went as an interpreter, patient transporter, or anything they needed really. Well, I’m glad I went! I ended up meeting my wife on this trip—she was one of the surgeons from the hospital in Nicaragua!”

"I believe our patients deserve the best, the best experience. Every day I take the bus home, and ask myself, ‘Could I have done things better today?’ My personal goal is to be employee of the year every year. Once I actually came close in 2008 when I was awarded as a Grace Award Honoree!”

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