"I thought we wouldn’t be able to have another baby."

Jess Salmon, expectant mom

With Emi, my first, I planned to have her in a birthing center. However, due to discovering fibroids in a compromising place, I was advised to deliver at a hospital. I labored at home for about 24 hours. During labor, my uterus ruptured in three places; there’s still no explanation of why that happened. My doctor basically said “You’re a unicorn; this is a rare thing.” I thought we wouldn’t be able to have another baby.

When Emi was about 2 ½, I started to feel like we needed to have another babe; it was time. The main concern with having another child was if I went into labor, because my uterus was compromised. So that doctor suggested that if we had a c-section at 36-37 weeks, we could safely deliver.

We moved to California and came to Packard Children’s, and were referred to Dr. Blumenfeld. He and the team of high-risk doctors and nurses know exactly how to treat me. I feel less nervous about this delivery because everything has been well-planned out! But because I am delivering her 4 weeks early, I feel like I still need more time with her inside me! Despite this, I am excited and feel confident in my doctor & nurses.

"Emi is so excited for the baby. She's like a little mom already. She says, "When the baby cries, I can sing her a song."

We're so thrilled to announce that Emi's big sister dreams have come true with the arrival of baby Daisy! Congratulations to Jess and her husband, David!