"I want to be a Thomas engine or a hockey announcer. When I was little, I met S.J. Sharkie. I want to go there again."

Tyler, heart and epilepsy patient, his mom Jennie, and dad David

Jennie: "It was his first big kid swim lesson. We were so excited for him to get to do this normal kid thing. David wasn't going to come, but then decided to change his plans to be there at the last minute. Within eight minutes of being in the water, it happened. We never even thought about seizures due to his cardiac history of hypoplastic left heart syndrome. In the past when he turned blue, it was always a cardiac issue."

Jennie: "All the nurses know him. Some of the nurses have been with us since he was born. Tyler was excited to come here again. When we told him we would have to come to Packard Children's he said, 'Do I get to sleep over?!' The nurses make it really fun."

David: "He loves hockey. To give you an idea of how much he loves hockey, he checks the NHL app every morning on the iPad. That's how he learned to countit's from all the numbers on the hockey jerseys."

"When he was little, they told us he might not walk, he might not talk. I celebrate every little milestone, like the first time he talked back to me. It was really exciting to see. He's like any other kid, pushing his limits! Despite his laundry list of health problems, he is happy 99% of the time."

"Five years ago we celebrated Tyler's first Thanksgiving in the hospital. That was the week we got to hold him the first time! He was in the CVICU recovering from his first open-heart surgery. This (and every!) Thanksgiving we are most thankful for being a family. Without Packard Children's and all of the wonderful people who support this hospital, we would not have Tyler with us today."

Tyler's first Thanksgiving in the hospital

Tyler's first Thanksgiving in the hospital

On this special day of gratitude, we would like to take a moment to thank you for all that you give to kids like Tyler. Thank you for your continued support. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!