"A child will be crying and I’ll come in and help them calm down. Parents and others ask, ‘What did you do? How did you do that?'”

Jake Lore, child life specialist

"People are surprised that a little teaching with a doll and explaining it on a child's level goes a long way."

"You get to know families and see what these families go through, the separation of family members due to long admissions, and the fact that some of our kids don’t make it. A lot of people ask how I deal with it. It’s hard. I have had to learn to separate my work life and personal life a bit. I’ve had to stop attending funerals, it just became too much."

"I love being involved in CHEERS. It's a recreation therapy program for teens and young adults with cancer. It's a donor-funded program that provides opportunities for these patients to attend outings and events in the community. We just came back from watching the Blue Angels. The kids love being able to get out of the hospital, make new friends who are going through similar treatments, and do something together that seems 'normal'."

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