“When I grow up? I just want to be a ballerina police officer, I want to help people!"

For her 5th birthday, Giselle asked her friends and family to donate to cancer research and she raised $5,000 for our hospital! Today, she's bringing her donation to the hospital, but we can't wait to surprise her with some happy news. Sign up to be the first to see the video (we promise not to spam you!)

Giselle, cancer patient, and her mom Gabi

Gabi: "Two years ago on September 16 (the day before her 3rd birthday), we came to Packard Children's. Having been sick for two weeks, we wanted more extensive testing done. On the way home, I received a phone call from Packard Children's Hospital asking where we were. I told them I was driving back to San Jose. She told me to get off the highway, turn off the car. At which point, she asked me to return to the hospital and I knew immediately. Cancer, Leukemia, had been a possibility, and I just knew." 

"When she has a fever, because of these kids compromised immune systems, the doctor always says to drive to the nearest hospital. I've learned that as soon as she gets a fever, I start driving to Packard Children's. By the time the on-call oncologist calls us back to tell me to go to the nearest hospital, I'm already at Packard! When you have a child with cancer, there's just no other place I would go."

Gabi: "For her 5th birthday, she decided she didn't want toys or gifts. Instead she wanted her friends and family to donate to the hospital. I asked her what we should do with the money raised."

Giselle: "I want to raise money for my cancer friends, for medicine that doesn't hurt."

Gabi: "She's having a very hard time understanding that the medicine she raised money for won't come today. She's heart broken. We would love to see Jake from Child Life. Child Life has been a big part of Giselle's life during treatment. I know he can help her with her questions as to why. I've done my best explaining how medicine works, but she's not convinced. She wants the medicine for her cancer friends now!"

"She's almost finished with treatment. Soon I can stop giving her chemotherapy pills every day, and to be honest, that scares me. I'm afraid to have her go off medication. I'm afraid she'll get sick again, afraid of the cancer, afraid the leukemia will come back. It's exciting, but yet it's really scary."

Today is Giselle's LAST DAY of cancer treatment! Will you help us celebrate with a gift? Donate today to support more humans at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford.