"I run to support my sister Isabel, who has epilepsy and is cognitively disabled."

Robert, brother of Isabel, patient

“Packard Children’s has done so much for my sister, and we have relied on the hospital for her care for her entire life. When she was much younger, she had trouble speaking, and most of the time only my parents and I could understand her. Isabel has spent hours upon hours in speech therapy for years, and now the difference is unbelievable. Everyone can understand her, and she is now working on speaking in complete thoughts, which would have been impossible when she began."

"To me, it was a clear decision to not only give back to Packard Children's, but to help establish a music therapy program that would make a difference for children in need, like my sister. Last year, I raised $5,625.52 when I ran in the Summer Scamper benefiting the hospital."

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